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Thread: Organ ST log by Costa

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    Organ ST log by Costa

    Hello ladies and gents! First of all, I'd like to thank Dylan for allowing me to log my reviews on one of his new supplements, Organ ST. Congratulations to Dylan and on his launch on this new line of supplements, I can see them being a game changer. I've learned through time that Dylan does not put his name out there, especially on supplements if he does not back it up. He protects his reputation very well.

    I feel I need to hit on a few good topics that everyone should be aware of, so here it goes...

    1. Shipping was extremely fast, 2 days! The packaging is great.

    2. Presentation of product:
    Once I opened the package, my first impressions of Organ ST was that it is professionally put together and no shortcuts were taken. I noticed the bottle was made with quality plastic and quality labels. The label was very clear and easy to read. Organ ST came properly sealed as any supplement bought from a supplement store. I've bought similar products cough cough (liver & organ defender) and it seems like shortcuts were taken on producing the packaking and label materials, it just felt cheap. Not that packaging should matter but I believe that it's the little things that distinguish different lines of products. Great job on that Dylan!

    3. When taking Organ ST, I noticed that the capsules were red and they were normal size. The suggested consumtption is 7 capsules daily all at once, which is freaking awesome! I popped them all at once with no problem. I had to divide 3 doses (9 capsules total) when I was taking other similar protectants, which can make you possibly miss doses if you are not on top of the game. 7 capsules all at once is just too easy.

    4. About a little over an hour of taking Organ ST, I noticed bright neon yellow urine (I know it's gross). I had to urinate constantly, like when I was taking dandelion root. It can be pretty annoying but I know it's working and it's flushing me out. I normally drink a gallon of water a day. Urine goes back to a normal color or clear color as your system flushes.

    5. I had no upset stomach, no issues at all. I have no doubt that Organ ST is doing its job. I'll be logging a few times a week and keeping you all updated. Let me know what input you want to hear. I'm really excited to see what I can accomplish with this product.


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    very nice brother! thank you for the details! i am really looking forward to seeing how it works for you!

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    I will be following bro. I'm excited to hear your thoughts on Organ ST. Mine should be here any day now, and I'll also be running it on my current cycle

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    Thanks bros! Much appreciated

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    absolutely brother! lets see a picture of that bottle!

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    Following along... are you on cycle right now?

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    Simple, Npp and test bro. Loving it so far

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    Looking forward to seeing your blood work! I could've used this when my liver enzymes were doubled!

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    nice pics bro!

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