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Thread: Opinion about new primeval labs prohormones

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    I feel it's my duty to ask..

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmb5017 View Post
    I feel it's my duty to ask..
    Like he is going to tell us

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    If he's faithful to his belief he would

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    Hey bro...we on high alert over here...nothing personal to u..I would be careful with the pro hormones

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    I have a bottle of their LGD on hand now - I don't think this is legit seems dodgy. BUT I have used their ostarine and man that shit chopped liquid osta for sure. Same results as liquid osta but strength gains were great haha.

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    I didnt expect to end up discussing religion in this forum and i dont want to tbh cuz nothing will be achieved by discussing it
    And tbh i feel offended because i have nothing to do with those abominations killing people in the sake of my religion nor do i condone what they do
    You guys indirectly accused me as a terrorist but i cant blame you
    All i can say
    If you take an innocent life you are no longer a human no matter what agenda you are following
    So i would kindly ask that we end the religion discussion
    and thank you for your inputs regarding the ph question

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    Glad to hear it bro...we've had several attacks recently, and tension is high for us over here...if Ur not involved in that I apologize. No religion should create acts of terror

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    The only prohormones that ever worked were designer steroids not prohormones at all so if your will to gobthat rout just use the real thing . better results and those xompounds have far more research behind them .

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheAnimal View Post
    Well tbh i dont want to use steroids i dont feel like im ready for it and in the country that im in right now it is verrrrry risky and i cant take sarms either and those prohormones seem good im hearing good reviews from those who tried it
    If wherever the hell you're from has banned SARMs and gear and yet they allow these prohormones maybe that's telling you something. Why ban anabolics and sell this stuff? Again WHY BAN ANABOLICS AND ALLOW THIS STUFF? Obviously it is not classified as an anabolic agent where you're at because why? IT IS NOT ONE.


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    Quote Originally Posted by cmb5017 View Post
    Hey bro I see Ur from Dubai? they kill u if u try to convert right? Yes they I'm just checking to see who u are. See where Ur minds at. Know what I mean?
    WTF?????? Dude what does this have to do with anything he asked about? What does this have to do with anything at all? We're cool, but this is a bit overboard. Muslims are some of the most hospitable people I've ever met. Yes a fair share have tried to kill me IN COMBAT, which if I'm correct this is a forum for gear talk, not politics, race, or religion. I've sent some on their way to meet their virgins in waiting and yet I've met some of the kindest people ever that were Muslims... this isn't cool and recent events don't justify it. I have my opinions on everyone and yet I only belittle the mother fuckers who deserve it... my in-laws. 44 didn't do 24 years in the service and multiple actual combat deployments involving actual combat just to hear shit like this man. That's private E-1 talk right there, keep it salty. Take the high road on this shit, if your pussy is hurt behind recent events there is a recruiting station near you and if you're too old to enlist then get over it because you missed your window of opportunity to do something, if you're a vet... you sounded like a pog and I'm keeping it real bro. We had our shot to fix whatever needed fixin and if you failed to master 7 pounds of trigger squeeze, sight alignment and sight picture... Keep the shit salty and move on. 44 is irritated and done with this.


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