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Thread: Open and Close Minded Thinking... Please Read

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    Open and Close Minded Thinking... Please Read

    One thing that I have learned over the years, is that noone is always right... Its important that when you make a mistake or when something is wrong, instead of justifying it and hiding behind facts or at least opinions, you address it... One of the things myself and many others here have done over time is become a bit too close minded... Now, I do agree with beliefs in safety and the way certain things are TAUGHT but the delivery at times, is a bit off and that starts at the top with me... Sometimes there are reactions given that are a bit harsh or just close minded.. Example: when someone asks to run an oral only cycle... yes, its not wise at all, but the delivery or explanation it says "you cannot do that" when you actually can... it's just not the wisest option but it can be done, as can running steroids with a higher body fat... is it smart, maybe not, and does it put you at more risk, maybe so, but we all need to just explain our thoughts, opinions and leave it at that... I don't want people to feel like they cannot ask questions of any kind without having backlash, UNLESS, there are those circumstances where something is so off the wall it merits a certain reaction but lets all try to work on this, being more open minded at least in terms of how things are explained... Still get your point across but dont make people feel uncomfortable or beaten up...

    Stats ARE important but we dont need to make people feel like we need a page of info... cycle history is important, so is workout history and the basic age/height/weight/body fat because all of these articles are imperative to give proper recommendations but lets not go overboard with it... just what we need to give the safest and most effective pieces of advice...

    There are always ways to improve and that goes for all of us every single day... So today, this is something i want to personally improve on and hope everyone else will do the same...

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    Well said bro... I'll make an effort to be more opened minded myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbbram View Post
    Well said bro... I'll make an effort to be more opened minded myself.
    thank you brother... lead by example...

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    There is no cookie cutter answer
    110% on board.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EZ_E View Post
    110% on board.
    Thank you bro!

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    Wait till buen reads this... just kidding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 44YOGearHead View Post
    Wait till buen reads this... just kidding.

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    Im thinking chances of him reading this are slim to none loll

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    I absolutely agree and something I really try to do. Oral only cycles is a great example. It all comes down to expectations and circumstances. For some people it is fine. For most it is not a great idea. Part of what makes a great community here is being open minded. We don't went to scare people away from a few negative or harsh posts. That is how you end up like meso!
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    I'm glad you brought this up Dylan. I've been thinking a lot about these types of things myself, as I know many of us can all be a bit guilty of everything being black and white when it comes to our views on everything....when in fact sometimes there is a bit of a grey area and we really need to treat everyone differently and advise them individually. Somebody that is 16% bodyfat shouldnt automatically get the "you're too fat for steroids" treatment. And then the oral only cycle first cycle was an oral only and for many it was. It's still not something I recommemd but we need to at least listen, do our jobs to understand and advise accordingly. These people come to us for help and advice. It's our jobs to help the, out and GUIDE them. For the guys that are underage, we still need to make sure they understand the consequences associated with their underage use first and foremost....but let's make sure they at least don't hurt themselves if they go against our advice. I'm still not laying out cycle plans for guys that are too young, but if I see something they are doing that is going to make things worse, I'll make sure I tell them what not to do

    Well said Dylan. I'd like everyone to come here and feel comfortable asking anything at anytime, and understanding that you can come here for advice with any of the bashing. That's not what we are about at all, and one of the many things that separates us making us the best.

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    I agree 100%. I’m fairly new here and learn something almost everyday scrolling through the threads and reading. For someone that is brand new to the forum that finally gets the nerve up to ask for some advice and gets hammered for not knowing certain things I could see how they might get discouraged and just leave and say fuck this. That’s def not the answer and will not help them in the long run. They will leave the forum and go back to taking advice from some jack ass at the gym and fuck there selves up instead of listening to all the experienced guys here. Not saying to tell them their bad ideas are ok but to try and present the right information in a positive way would be he most beneficial. Just my 2 cents. Thanks for all u do guys

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