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Thread: Olympia schedule

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    Olympia schedule

    Can anyone help me out. Their schedule posted just isn't clicking with me. As far as the actual competition, when is the men's Physique and Classic going on?

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    10 pm est from what I understand

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    Thanks cmb. That schedule is horribly laid out. I want to go to one of the shows and thought if I hit the physique finals I could see the BB prejudging at the same time. Next year I'm getting the VIP if I can talk someone into going with me lol

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    is it in vegas this year or what? I don't follow it until after the results lol

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    It's being live streamed on Amazon

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    It's usually on but I heard they were bought by Amazon, so makes sense

    (PM me for a price list for Biotech Labs and 10% discount)

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    Pre conference vids are all over YouTube..U can get a look at some of the physiques, as well as the Shit talking Dexter is doing..if dex don't win he just made himself look like a bitch

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    Ced looks good but he has a touch of Gyno I think

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmb5017 View Post
    It's being live streamed on Amazon
    What's the date?

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    Tonight n 2maro

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