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Thread: Old Test...

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    Old Test...

    I have a vial of test that's been in my drawer for a year. Looks perfectly normal (not crystallized or anything).
    Would you trust it? Looks like new on the outside...

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    Yes I would use it... Why wouldn't you?

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    Definitely I would use it

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    This specific vial doesn't have an expiration on it

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    its likely fine... im weird about anything sitting a long time even if i know its still good but thats just me bro...

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    Has it been used previously?

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    If it was in there 10 years I would still use it
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    Yes. About 3/4 test is left. I pinned it already

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    Quote Originally Posted by m555zma View Post
    Yes. About 3/4 test is left. I pinned it already
    i would pass on using that

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    Thanks for the feedback

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