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Thread: Numbness in fingers after heavy Good Mornings

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    Numbness in fingers after heavy Good Mornings

    I am having numbness in my finger tips after doing heavy Good Mornings today. My neck feels fine just really tingly in my fingers at first and still a dull sensation some six hours later. This is the first time at over 275 for this exercise and never had this problem before. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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    When you lift and put constant strain on bending your wrist you can block circulation to your hand, it happens, and i wouldn’t worry about it for now. Wait it out and it should go away, if it’s still there after 3-5 days you might have some minor nerve damage.

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    if it continues, go to the doctor but using it this much over time could definitely present issues...

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    Without being able to access you directly, I would guess you're somehow pinching the nerves in your C7, C8 vertebrae with the load on your back of neck. The fact you're feeling it that many hours after means it's more than a blood flow issue.

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    Yeah sounds like a nerve issue from the weight compression. Might have to watch the weight on those or get a bar pad to see if it helps at least alleviate fucking with the nerves in that area

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    Thanks for input.

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