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Thread: Npp and sustanon 250

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    Npp and sustanon 250

    HI Dylan

    I just watched one of your videos for the first time and was very impressed.

    I have a question and hope that you get back to me.

    I am using Sustanon 250 at 500mg. 250 twice a week. This is only my second cycle and am putting NPP in to it. I understood that I should be using equal amounts (hence your video). So I will cut back on the sust. But. Is sustanon a good test to be stacking with NPP because of it’s long term esters?

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    test prop would be the most ideal to go with npp but its not like you cant run sustanon with it... you can run npp longer... it just sucks to pin so often but its not like you cant do it...

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    Thanks Dylan,
    I plan to run it for 12 weeks this second cycle. I got great results just running Sustanon 250 on my first at 500mg weekly. I am only on my second week of this but I started an Anavar only cycle 3 weeks in I threw in the Sustanon after some more research. I'll drop the Anavar after 6 weeks and run the Sust and Npp for 8 more. I am already noticing strength and lean mass increase in a short time. I seem to react quickly to these compounds.

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    good luck with the cycle

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