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Thread: Nolvadex for bloat/water weight

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    Nolvadex for bloat/water weight

    Hey everyone,

    Quick question. Does Nolvadex help with bloat/water weight? I know Arimidex & Aromisin do. But I'm more interested in Nolva's capabilities. I know Nolva is an E blocker while the other two are E suicide inhibitors, and typically people report Nolva is good for specifically targeting gyno. But, I'm just wondering if you can get that water shed effect from Nolva as well.


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    not likely to help too much with water weight... novla is good for controlling gyno at times but once you discontinue it will just come right back

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    OK, good to know.


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    If you want to shed water, nolva isn't the answer. Id look more to something like a natural diurietic. Proper electrolyte balance, carb intake, estrogen control and water intake are the best things for it

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    try dandelion root or dga organ st which has a lot of natural diuretics within it..

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    Quote Originally Posted by DylanGemelli View Post
    try dandelion root or dga organ st which has a lot of natural diuretics within it..
    Dandelion root works great.

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    Yeah I do take Dandelion. I convert easily and I can tell when my E is creeping up, cuz I get sloppy water. When I take arimidex the water falls off and I feel much more comfortable in my own skin. But I don't know if I'm getting prescribed enough because it feels like my E creeps back up with a vengeance. I have some nolva on hand so I was wondering if it would have a similar effect. I've asked if my dr. would switch me letro instead, but he won't work with me on that. Thanks for the input everyone.

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    you DO NOT want to switch to letro... aromasin yes, letro, no... nor nolva...

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    Ah yes.. you are right. I was thinking aromasin but typed letro. I saw a vid today about arimidex vs. letro and I think that just stuck in my head.

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    all good bro

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