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Thread: No results on Rad140 2 weeks in??

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    No results on Rad140 2 weeks in??

    I'm 42, 5'9", 198pds, this is my second SARMS cycle (I did LGD for 8 weeks previously). I'm eating like a horse and working hard af in the gym. I'm taking MK677 at 20mg ED (been on this a month or so) with 7ml/10.5mg of RAD140 ED from Narrowslabs.

    I feel good and strong but nothing exciting to report and no bad sides to report either. Been running the RAD140 for about 16 days. THOUGHTSSS?

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    your source is the problem... period...

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    Narrowslab is my source

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    Pretty sure he is telling you that the source you have listed is not known to be reputable product

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    yes, you dont have a reliable source.. thats the issue...

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    I’ve been running Rad-140 20mg with GW and SR9009 for 5 weeks. Along with my TRT as a bridge.
    I’m loving it, strength actually seems up compared to previous cycle and pumps are fantastic.
    I would say it was week 4 I really started to take notice of changes.

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    I think it's safe to say you dont have legit quality RAD140

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    What’s a reliable source?
    Also, caps or liquid and why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vh22 View Post
    What’s a reliable source?
    Also, caps or liquid and why?

    The form doesn't matter only the quality.

    Contact me on Wickr Me mobile messaging app (cbbram) for 1 on 1 consultations for PED sources, questions, and cycle advice.

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    form makes zero difference... quality is the only thing that matters...

    definitely go with, they have the highest quality you are going to find

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