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Thread: Next Cycle

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    Next Cycle

    I’m currently on PCT and planning the below for my next cycle....for mass and also strength. Im also doing the cycle for 12 weeks. Please let me know what you guys think...

    Anadrol - 50mg/day (only for the first 4 weeks)
    Test C - 400 mg/wk
    Deca - 400mg//wk
    Primo - 600mg/wk

    I will also be taking 0.25mg caber every 3 days

    1 - Is the dosage for all sufficient?
    2 - Someone suggested I should replace Primo with EQ. Do you agree or keep Primo in?
    3 - Should I add or take out anything to maximize the benefits of my cycle?

    44 years, 210Lbs, ~10%BF

    As always, your feedbacks are really appreciated!

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    I'd swap the primo for 25 to 50 mg of Proviron ed instead. It will be cheaper, and will do more for binding up SHBG, allowing free test to rise and combatting deca sexual sides. If you want to throw in EQ that's fine too. Dosages look fine to me by the way.

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    Primo or eq are both great choices. Cant go wrong either way. I love eq myself

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    fuck no you should not swap out primo... yes, its more expensive but its definitely the best option and it stacks SO WELL with deca... leave the cycle as it is... make sure you have organ st with anadrol... also make sure you have the right pct.. everything else looks great... thats a cycle right out of my playbook, but i have a feeling you already know that!

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    Thanks everyone for your inputs! DG, yes...I picked this cycle based on your videos and various comments on this forum. Also, can you send link for the organ support?

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    Thanks brother!

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    happy to help bro

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    I'm glad you listened to Dylan and not that other dude. He was wrong!

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    That seems to be the general well rounded cycle.

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