To anyone willing to give me a little guidance, I will be extremely thankful.

I ran about 14 mos of Test Enanthate @ 300 x 2 times./week
While on that, I also took 50mg Clomid EOD.

Was doing this based on advice I received from a friend I thought was well educated about using AAS, but seems now that I know *a little more* to have not known as much as I orig thought.

My prostate became an issue, so a Urologist suggested that I cycle off Test for 10-12 weeks or more, but I am aware that if I am coming off, I need PCT. I tried to learn what to do, but read so many conflicting things on websites, that now I am concerned that I am doing PCT wrong as well.

Right now, I am 8 days into taking 150mg of Clomid daily and 50mg of exemestane daily. I don't have direct access to Nolva, but it was sufggested to me that that should be part of my PCT as well.

Any advice on my PCT, other than the now known: don't do a 14 month cycle?