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Thread: New and, unfortunately, ignorant of how to dose PCT, etc.

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    Just out of curiosity, since 14 months is too long and 2ml E300 a week is apparently too much, when I am ready to run another cycle, what would you recommend?

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    Also, is GW1516 also called Endurobol? I'm trying to order what I need to follow the PCT recommended above, but the damn names vary so much that I have trouble making sure I am ordering the right thing. Finally, why Nolva AND Exemestane AND Clomid? Aren't they very similar drugs?
    Thanks for your help!

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    Dylan... Would it be fair to ask what kind of cycle you recommend once I am done with PCT? EZ_E says "holy shit" to 14 months @ 2ml E300 per week (Split on Mon & Fri at 1 ML per injection). If that is too much or wrong (was based on advice from a friend who was selling me the original E300, later I have been getting it from What would you recommend as an "on" cycle based on my stats? I am not seeking to be huge, just a little above average muscular and lean. I'd love to hear your recommendations.

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    Crap... another post... I cannot get Nolvadex from my supplier, they are out of stock on it. Is the Clomid and Exemestane not adequate? Can I do with just those two, or should I try to find somewhere else to get Nolvadex? Sorry for all the separate posts.

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    There is no cookie cutter answer
    You shouldnt think about another cycle for a MINIMUM of 6 months AFTER your PCT...... depending on your blood test

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    go to the source section man... you can get it there easily

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    gw501516 is called cardarine... ive done so many videos on post cycle therapy etc... all these random questions i have answered in great detail on videos as well as articles on the site

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    Ok, thank you. I found your forum via a Google search, so I am not really familiar with the whole site. I'll hunt those videos down. Thanks again.

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    i just linked you a video in the post bro

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    I saw that at the bottom after my reply. Thanks.

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