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Thread: New Sarms Cycle

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    New Sarms Cycle

    Hey Dylan I was on lgd 4033 10mg dose for 12 weeks. I did a mini pct with clomid for 4 weeks at 10mg a day. And now its been 8 weeks since I finished my cycle my testosterone is 468 ng/dl. I don't have any reference as I was not able to get my bloodwork done before. Can I hope on a new cycle again of lgd 4033 10mg for 12 weeks?
    My age is 20. The cycle I mentioned before was my first cycle ever of sarms and haven't taken any steroid cycle

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    thats pretty low for your age but i wouldnt have the slightest idea how you were effected... you are basically asking me to be a psychic here, which unfortunately, im not able to do... where did you get your sarms from that you ran?

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    My sarms were from enhanced athlete, when I started my cycle in the 3rd day's morning I was feelin very lethargic and low on energy(after taking lgd in the morning), I felt that for a few hours and then probably at the time of lunch I was perfectly alright. Besides this incident I don't think I felt any kind of suppression during the cycle, sex drive was fine,erection was fine, overall mood was totally normal. I started at 66 kg and ended up at 72 after the cycle. After the cycle I lost 1 kg (probably water weight as I shifted from caloric surplus to maintainence calories) and i also never lost the strength I gained from the cycle.

    I thing I would like to mention is that I missed 2 doses of clomid during pct.

    I didn't get any of side effects such as acne,gyno etc

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    missing 2 doses of clomid wont make a difference... i would honestly suggest running a full pct to be on the safe side because it sounds to me like you had something other than a sarm because you shouldnt see large amounts of suppression and definitely shouldnt be feeling this way...

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    Thanks dylan ,8 weeks with clomid 10 mg per day would do?

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    Or should I take the combination of both nolva and clomid

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