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Thread: New SARM Stack For massive muscle gains

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    New SARM Stack For massive muscle gains

    Hey dylan and Fitness friends

    I am starting a new SARM cycle and I was wondering with LGD,NUTROBAL,OSTERINE AND RAD140 , what would be the best dosage fir massive muscle gains. Or if there is a better stack sarm related that would give better gains please don't hesitate to reply. I am looking to pack on a good amount of muscle with this stack.

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    I already answered this in your other thread bro. Please do not make duplicate threads like this

    The only source you should be using for your sarms is

    What is your stats and experience, as well as goals from the cycle? You can definitely run all those at the same time, and nutrobal you can keep running through pct and beyond. It's best at 6 months to a year

    Here is how your setup would look. Make sure you get it all from

    1-12 MK-2866 25mg ED dosed once in the AM
    1-12 LGD 10mg per day dosed once in the AM
    1-12 MK-677 25mg per day dosed once in the AM
    1-12 RAD-140 20mg per day dosed in the am


    Clomid 50/25/25/25
    GW 20mg per day

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    I would add gw during cycle, and S4. S4 and LGD are a wicked combo.

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    I would replace osta with s4 personally

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    And GW of course is always a good idea.

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    I agree on the GW. I like to run it with every cycle. I find the endurance benefits amazing. I pretty much run it 16 weeks on and 2-4 weeks off all year.

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    RickRock gave you a good cycle there. You should also check out DG's new video about bulking stacks

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    thanks Yall

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    what would you recommend fpr the dosage of gw since I have 8 weeks of that as well, 30 mg?

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    a cycle is 12w.

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