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Thread: New Beeee here

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    Question New Beeee here

    Just want to make sure I do the right thing 😁 - will you help guide me through my 12 weeks of LGD/ Cardarine and tamoxifen?
    I'm currently weight 220 at 5'11 around 24% bfp
    I figure out it take ~1700 kcal to lose 1 lbs per week
    I'm open up to carb cycling, ketosis or anything
    My training is push/ pull/ legs - shoulder/ chest - back/ arms and rest of Sunday
    Currently doing 30 mins of cardio 3 days/week (I just got off my clen cycle)
    Or if anyone have a protocol that would like to share with me base on my info above that would be awesome

    Thank you everyone that read this post

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    welcome to isarms brother, great to have you... where did you get your sarms? thats not the best sarms stack for cutting man

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    Welcome to isarms man. Why tamoxifen?

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    Welcome brother. Glad to have you with us!

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    I'm getting it from Unnatural official

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    I bought it from unnatural officials - I'm trying to put on size (upper body)

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    I did a little research and the seller recommended having that into a stack - I'm guessing it help to block estrogen

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    good lord bro... you dont have real sarms at all! you dont even know what you actually have, nor do i..

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    Where do you usually get SARMS? does unnatural isnt a good source?

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    Where do you usually get SARMS? does unnatural isnt a good source?
    How do i run the LGD and cardrine?

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