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Thread: New Banned Nutrition Product! Nutrazol

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    New Banned Nutrition Product! Nutrazol

    Banned Nutrition will be coming out with a new product called Nutrazol. Nutrazol is a NEW HGH supplement, intended to be paired with MK-677, which they will also be coming out with soon. Nutrazol has been being formulated over a year now. With the market flooded with so many bad HGH supplements, it has given these products quite a bad name. Obviously they did not want this trend to continue and have put extreme amounts of time and formulating into this.

    They are needing people to review the product. If you are interested in trying a bottle and writing a review, let me know. Only people with a lot of posting experience or ones that have shown to be on top of this in the past will be considered... I have seen far too many people just looking for freebies in the past that have not followed through with their promise to write logs and reviews. So I do apologize but if you do not match that kind of criteria, please do not respond because it would not be considered. This is really exciting news and and I know many have been waiting for this!

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    Great news!

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    Amazing ingredient list!! Looks like some potent stuff!!!

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    Looks like a solid ingredient profile on Nutrazol. Very curious to hear everyone's reviews

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    Like to see what u guys say about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slayer View Post
    Like to see what u guys say about it.
    there's plenty of people that will be reviewing it!

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