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Thread: Need some advice on workout splits

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    Need some advice on workout splits

    I have been lifting for about 8 months now while doing 5x5 fullbody and I got pretty good strength and mass from it, I was wondering if I should switch to a 6 day PPL split or stay with the fullbody 5x5 because I am going to start taking rad140 and want to get the most out of it and would like some advice for training and any program recommendations that you have.

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    I personally don?t like full body workouts as I don?t believe I can really tear and stimulate each body part enough to have it grow. I train a three day split.1) Back and triceps, 2) chest and biceps, 3) legs and shoulders. My abs and calves I work on a little every day I don?t devote a full day to abs. I train 5 days a week usually 3-4 days on 1 day off. Your only 8 months in so I suggest trying differ splits and see what word for you. I would even say your not ready for Rad as I believe you should build a a base before you start using SARMS or Gear. But that?s just me.

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    I recommend switching up every so often not only to keep the muscles guessing, but to keep things interesting.

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    you should be switching up a lot to shock your body man... its not like there's some set plan you need to do... you need to do what works FOR YOU... constantly changing things is important to keep your body guessing...

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    Thank you for the advice, I will look into splits and try different ones out and see which one I like the most.

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    Would you mind sharing what you do for each work day?

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    i do two body parts per day, 5 days per week... 2 of those 5 days i have to do 3 to get everything in there... 3-4 exercises on each body part, 4 sets each body part

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    As long as you implement progressive overload it doesn't matter much what style you train

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    the first few years you lift i would stick to compound lifting. that builds yourself a strong base. every bodybuilder and every person you will meet who is older and is a strong lifter in the gym built a base via compound lifting first.

    then you can gradually go into splits. really i tell new guys all the time you should never ever stand there and do curls in front of the mirror the first few years of lifting for example. this is why these cookie cutter gyms like planet fitness are a bad choice because they do not give you much to work with when it comes to compound lifting.

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