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Thread: Eq experiences

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    Eq experiences

    Please do share your experiences with eq, what dosage you ran it at for how long, and what you got from it, benefits and sides.

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    Just started EQ at 800mg/week for 16’s a very long ester so I don’t think I’ll feel anything until weeks 9-10... it’s a mild steroid... common side effects are increased hunger (not necessarily a bad thing), possible acne, possible increase in RBC, possible anxiety ..

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    Sounds interesting! Plan to run the same dosage for 16wks with 300test and 300 tren!

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    About a month ago I finished 16 weeks at 800/wk. It took a while to kick due to the long ester but I loved it. I used tbol to kick start the cycle. I intended on using it as a cutting/recomp cycle but I put on some very noticeable size while getting leaner. I was pretty vascular before the cycle but Jesus Christ The vascularity on eq is nuts. It did make me hungry but it was manageable. It def increases my RBC but that was controlled with blood donations before, during, and after. I did wait about a month too long to donate after my cycle and my levels were too high to donate but I went back yesterday and it was just low enough to donate. Other than that at first I had trouble pinning that much oil but I got used to it real quick. I can’t wait to run it again.

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    I already feel the eq about week 5-6 it's different tho

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    i ran 600mg eq and 500mg test c for 16 weeks it was amazing i drop body fat like it was nothing was able to eat around 1800 cal a day lost 7% body fat but only dropped 6 pounds on the scale ( body fat came from bod pod) and that was only in the first 6 weeks endurance was amazing if you keep ur diet in check and don't lie to your self u can put on really nice lean mass and drop body fat prob my fav AAS

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    Following...just started 600 eq and 350 test last Monday. Going to bump up eq to 800 in about 4 weeks.

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    Following as well, running 500 test e and 600 eq, adding MK677 along side to round it off!

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    LOVE EQ... just finished test 600- EQ 1000 for 24 weeks... got great gains ... just remember to GIVE BLOOD while on EQ!!!!!

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    eq is a favorite of many for good reason... its one of the most underrated steroids in existence

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