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Thread: Need help recovering from chemical lobotomy

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    Need help recovering from chemical lobotomy

    Hi Dylan. I got misdiagnosed as schizophrenic and was forced by law to take injections of antipsychotics. I watched your videos looking to do my first roid cycle, but luckily before that I had a doctor prescribe me TRT. The dose is 200mg Test-E per week, and 0.5mg Arimidex every other day, and 50mg DHEA (though I doubt that makes a difference). I also take 0.4mg Omnitrope (HGH) everyday.

    I can currently bench 225*5 with a lifting belt and chalk and knee sleeves on. But my natty PR was 225*6 without lifting belt, and without chalk I think (can't remember) and without knee sleeves. And I was lower weight then, I was 190-195 lbs back then whereas now I'm 208 lbs. I'm 5'8".

    Since I'd have to be on TRT for life anyway, and I'm 23 and would like my stamina and strength back (my strength almost came fully back but my grip is way weaker and my stamina and reflexes are way weaker too), I was wondering what you'd recommend for my first steroid cycle (non TRT cycle). Since the antipsychotic fucked up my dopamine, and I researched and found out steroids can increase brain dopamine, I'd like to blast and cruise. I realize you advise against this, but my circumstances are unusual, not many people are chemically lobotomized by antipsychotic injections at such a young age.

    Please... please help me, I'm young and wanna have abs and what not like I did before, I want my old sexual stamina and drive back, I want my high-motivation life back. My strength, my ambition, etc. are all lower than before the lobotomy.

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    L-Dopa is much safer. Cheaper too.

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    i would not recommend ANY steroid cycle for you at 23 years old... if you need trt, thats one thing because you have a medical condition and you need it but in no way, shape or form would i advise recreational steroid use to you at 23 years old... i understand you have different circumstances but that would not change this.. you do whatever you want... its your life... i want NOTHING to do with that... im sorry... please dont ask me again about it because no matter how you say it, put it, rephrase it, etc.... im not advising it

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