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Thread: NPP and deac ❓

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    NPP and deac ❓

    Hello, I'm 40 now and have alot of experience with gear. I have some NPP 150 and some Deca 300 and basically I want to use the Npp, 2 x a week and the deca along with that. now back in my day There was no npp in 2000, only deca. I think getting it into the body quickly and having the deconate ester kick in, I have... .5mg cabergoline, and aromaisn 25 mg tabs, I'm older and on 300 mgs of Test Cyp.. free from the dr. got to love that free test.. lol. so I actually don't know it all, yes I'm knowledgeable on alot, but since some of this shit is new to me I Woukd really like some insight on how to cycle this and dosage as well.. i really like Dylan and his info, Thanks guys I Would appreciate it.
    I'm 40
    went from 18% bodyfat to 12% in 6 weeks
    5 10
    20 year's of training

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    What kind of ancillaries do you have on hand to run these?
    Have you ever used Deca or NPP or Tren for that matter?
    If you have never taken a Nandrolone it can affect people differently and some people need to have things like Caber, a good deal of Aromasin, also a Sarm like product like GW is always a good addition.
    Me personally I wouldn't use two nandrolone together even if it was just a different ester if Deca.
    I am a NPP > Deca person but I have my own set of goals. Which is another question - what are your goals?

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    NPP is a short ester so you can't inject it twice per week and expect to keep stable levels. It needs injected every other day

    Also there's no point in running both NPP and deca. They are the same thing, just different esters of the same compound

    Your doctor has you on 300mg of test per week? That's entirely too high for trt and will only lead to problems l9ng term

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    Your doc has you 300mg of test? Is that weekly or bi weekly?

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    yea bro 300mg of Test Cyp, and I disagree with you, let me rephrase my question.. I know how to run npp, yes I have ran a shit load of deca and tren... I have had the original parabolon from France... I want to use npp to build up say the first 3 weeks.. then the deconate Esther should start kicking in, I know all about 19 nors... thanks for the feedback,

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    every 10 days

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    I really do appreciate the words of wisdom, just reread what I typed, kinda sounded like a dick.. Lol for real thanks guys.. I like to hear what other people think and know

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    so I guess I want to use Npp 3x a week at 100mg, to kick start my Deca durabolin. will use 200 mg a week of DD.. and Drop my Npp after week 4 and keep my DD at 400mg a week after til week 10...👍 does this sound good

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    Ive heard of others runing a low dose of npp untill deca starts once it dose stop the npp you shouldnt have any issues long as you have a AI on hand.

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    I personally think it's a waste of NPP. The only difference really is the blood plasma levels being different going from NPP to Deca. I would just start with Deca and hold tight. Use the NPP for another run maybe with a complementing short ester like Test Ace or Prop

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