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Thread: Prohormone sides

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    Prohormone sides

    Hi everyone, i made a serious mistake using a stack of 1andro and 4andro without a test base. I used them only about 6 days but i ended up with a big shutdown of my testosterone . I have already thrown this garbage from my window.
    Now i am about to start PCT. What are your advises ?
    Will Clomid and Nolva do the job in order to recover ? I have also Proviron available. Please help

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    After only 6 days being on it, a good week or two of Clomid and nolva should be enough to bring you back

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    Clomid 50/50/25/25
    Nolva 40/40/20/20
    In my opinion i thought this would be enough in order to recover.
    And something off topic. I was thinking about a sarm cycle after my recovery. Can sarms like LGD be runned without test base because i dont want any suppresion again on cycle :/

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    Suppression on cycle even with sarms will happen. However the suppression on sarms does not compare to the shut down you get from a ph

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    you can definitely run sarms without a test base, yes... that is not a problem whatsoever... a simple nolva and clomid pct here will be just fine given the amount of time you have ran that bull shit... i hope you learned your lesson with that garbage now.. let me know if you have any further questions...

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    Guys hello again , i decided to run proviron because it was available (i need to go to the capital now to buy clomid and nolva). I stoped everything and my libido was fine for about one day. But the next day i couldnt get hard, i was kind of soft (good libido though ). I dont know what to do. Is there a possibility to be psycological only ? A pct with clomix and nolva would be ok ?
    I have just runned 1 and 4andro and aromasin for 6 days (aromasin 3 half pills of 12,5 mg for that time).

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