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Thread: Nagging injuries, sarmís to heal

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    Nagging injuries, sarmís to heal

    Ok. Hereís my deal. 40yo 230lb live in the gym but of coarse the years have been rough on me. Iíve had knee reconstruction, a spinal fusion, and shoulder labrum surgery. On top of that I have bicep tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, and a sprained wrist that wonít heal.
    I push through every day but not at the level Iím used to.
    I started looking into sarmís after seeing the claims of healing properties. Mostly ostarine and Nutrobal. But is that bs? I ran a stack of ostarine and Cardarine a few months back but now I know I didnít dose nearly enough to make a difference.
    If sarmís will aid in recovery, which ones are best for this use?

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    thats not bs at all... mk2866, mk677 and lgd4033 is the healing stack you would want to go with.. they can help enhance REAL recovery tremendously

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