Hi people,

I have wanted to get in to bodybuilding for a wile now.

I need help on what cycle to take to support me to get shredded and down to 7% body fat.

I am currently 29% body fat around 32% muscle mass, vascular fat 11.
180lbs 5,7 29years old male, training for 15 years but have let my self slip over the past 2years.

I have only ever ran winny, var, clen, at separate times.

Many years ago had stupid advice for my first ever cycl at 23 to run tren and test prop, I lasted a week and came off it as the sides was unreal and should have never been on such a cycle, I was left with gyno, it was stupid but never the less I was young and didn't no any better.

I will be training 5 days a week doing cardio 3/4 days, risistant training 4/5 days. Diet and macros are a whole nother subject, that's sorted right. Just need advice on a beginners cycle to taking the first steps to getting to below 10% body fat wile looking ripped to get in to body building.