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Thread: My full 12 week sarms cycle has arrived ( Rad 140 , Mk2866 GW501516, Sr9009)

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    My full 12 week sarms cycle has arrived ( Rad 140 , Mk2866 ,GW501516 , Sr9009)

    I just had to share my excitement that my full stack is all here and arrived and in excellent condition, I attached a picture hopefully it uploads 😎
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    awesome bro! thanks for the pics!

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    Hell yes man, least I can do after the incredible fast shipping, no leaky bottles nothing broken, packed excellently entire order correct and great customer service.

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    Nice, that was really quick! Looking forward to the updates.
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    Yes if my damn gym would just open already lol

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    looks good man, you will get good results here

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    Yeah I'm excited to get back at it and earn it and log it

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    it shouldnt be long depending on your state

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    We got ours extended till the end of may, hopefully after that it's all back to more normal times.

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