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Thread: My First cycle : Honest opinion !

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    My First cycle : Honest opinion !

    Hi Everyone,

    First i would like to thank everyone who have helped me whether directly or indirectly.

    My Name is Fady i have been going to the gym for 7 to 8 years now,with lots of phases of on and off unfortunately .

    I'm playing : Weight lifting,p90x,crossfit ,les mills....etc.Previously i have lost 24 kilos and since then ,i have pursuing a healthy lifestyle.Starting 2017 i decided to change my body completely ,however,anabolic steriods was a no no for me.
    I kept reading and came across sarms,actually read a lot ,many researches and ordinary people who have tried it.

    I decided to start my first cycle which comprises:

    Cardarine gW501516
    Ostarine mk2866

    Before anything ,i want to tell you my experience with supplements ( this is very important,coz many times when i saw others reviews,it was the first thing for them to try was sarms,they didnt even try a preworkout )
    Throughout the years of training i have taken :

    Ephedrine (ECA)
    Fat burners
    Two weeks of Test cypinate (500 ml each week then i stopped)
    Beta alanine

    So that is my list,and i have experienced the effects of the above list very well many times before.

    My current status :
    height 186cm
    BF: 22%
    Total weight 97 KG
    train 5 days a week

    Due to many off periods,i look like a beginner actually .
    I ran many blood tests before starting,everything was fine except my cholestrol ,and LDL levels,i was diagnosed by Familial Hypocholestermia .Also,my free test was 8 ,but the test was made on a wrong timing ,and i wasnt sleeping for a week,and very stressed.

    Here is my review for the sarms,i take them as follows :

    Mk677 25 mg in the morning
    Ostarine started with 12 and increasing to 25 mg ,early morning
    GW 20mg preworkout by 30 to 45 minutes

    First week ,pros and cons

    Pros :
    -The endurance from cardarine is beyond real...out of this world ,it is like you cant have enough,you wont give up,i play 12 reps,then i can push 8 more !!
    I have tried several compounds for endurance,but this is a devil in disguise
    i splitted my dose to 10 and 10 ,but 20 preworkout worked better for me
    -The strength i'm developping ,is indeed very fast
    -Recovery : i can have a weight lifting session,finish with some HIIT cardio,and do fatsed cardio in the morning with BCAA,and wake up the next day,as if nothing had happened
    -I'm waiting for other effects regarding recomping ,as this is my first week

    Cons :
    -I read everywhere to try mk677 before sleeping,to avoid lethargy ,and tiredness the next day,actually,nutrabol revved me up like hell,made me only sleep 4 hours,then i have 20 hours straight with no sleep!
    Changed to early morning dosing,and it works perfect ( i usually feel a pulse after 5 to 6 hours from taking it,like suddenly my body is very hot,and crushed )

    -The water retention is nasty ! I moved from 97 to 102.5 kg in just 4 days.I look very puffy ,and my waistline is like a dangling sac
    (I hope i will lose this water soon,and this for me is a deal breaker ,and i'm very prone to hold water )

    -Many days i have experienced hypoglycemia effects,but it is fading away gradually

    -My worst side effect so far ,is HUNGER!! this thing is shit ,it is killing me( i read that people complain and they have hunger pain,i thought they were exaggerating ) ,well,i eat ,and keep eating ,nothing fills the VOID !
    I'm on 2200 cals per day,and cycling carbs ,but since i started mk677 ,i cant stop,i can go up to 3500 and 4000 cals per day,and still hungry ( i take garcinia cambogia ,but nothing is working ) ,i heard that this side effect will subside after a while,but mentally i'm extremely irritated .I'm not used to lose control like that ,and it is not about eating cravings come mainly for sugary stuff ,or fried!
    I can eat all my clean food,chicken,eggs,oatmel ,whey,and then keep eating biscuits ,fried chicken,burger,pizza,cheese...etc and i never get full!!
    You will think that i'm exaggerating....i which i was :S

    Overall ,i think they are very interesting compounds ,but you must understand they are not like things that you have taken before

    My plan for ostarine is 40 days ,i already have nolvadex,anyone can help me with the PCT ?

    Moreover,is it of any benefit to take a test booster when i'm on this cycle ? or DAA ?

    Anyway,i'm taking photos for myself each week,and will keep you posted.Also i have my own daily log,which helped me a lot to know how to change the dose timing .
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