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Thread: My First cycle : Honest opinion !

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    Defnitely need to bring that bodyfat down bro. That's quite a bit on the high side

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    Your macros seem on point. Just need to be consistent and have some patience. This is a marathon, not a sprint.
    Best of Lift

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    Quote Originally Posted by fadyhany View Post
    Thank you all for your responses

    My tarinign is as follows

    5 days a week
    Saturday Back & Bi
    Sunday Chest &tri
    Monday Delts & traps
    Tuesday Rest
    Wednesday Legs
    Thursday (One week chest and tri,,,,the next week...delts and bi )
    Friday Off

    Each lifting session is followed by 20 minutes of HIIT

    My Macros
    220 Protein
    190 Carbs
    65 Fats

    My current weight 102kg
    height 186 cm
    BF around 22%
    Age 33
    yes, your body fat is up there but don't get discouraged brother... you can definitely get it down... you need to really get your cardio training up and really get your diet dialed in... you can do this bro

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