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Thread: My Brother killed himself today....

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    My Brother killed himself today....

    This is not a thread for sympathy. I just want to put this up here so that I can at least get a little encouragement and strength from you guys. 3 months ago, my younger brother Barry took a contract job in south carolina. Him and his wife lived in New Hampshire. The plan was for them to eventually move down south cause he hated the cold. So he got a contract job making some really good money.

    The game plan was for him to save up as much as he could while down there so in a yr or so, they would have plenty of money to get situated. Well last week he calls me and tells me that his wife been cheating on him! She stayed in N.h. while he went to S.C. A recipe for disaster!! He told me he plugged in his iPad, and all the lovey dove messages popped up from his wife and some dude that she met at the Gym...
    So he confronted her on the phone. She admitted to it and then told him she wanted a divorce. She has always been a cold hearted bitch. So I told him, I'm here for you lil brother. The plan was next thurs he was gunna come back to NH and stay with me cause she told him she didn't want him staying there. I talked to him in a txt yesterday and all seemed ok. Today, june 13th is his birthday. 7:15 this AM I txt hime. Happy birthday bro. I never got a response. This was not like him. Then about 3 pm today, I get a call from my sister at work, and I knew right off the bat what had happened!
    I'm so fucking mad right now! I have no brother anymore. I'm hurting very badly. This sucks so bad. He had a 19 yr old son and a 17 yr old daughter. Although the autopsy has not come back yet, I know in my heart he did not die by natural causes. He didn't drink, smoke ect... please say a prayer for my brother Barry and his family. This is killing me and I really need your support.

    thanks for listening to me.

    he was going to be 50 yrs old today......

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    Sorry for your loss brother you and your family will be in my thoughts for sure... I can tell you from experience that depression and suicidal thoughts are difficult to over come. I have suffered from this my whole life . Do not feel guilt you did all you can . The best thing you can do is to be strong for your family and his children. I'm sure all the brothers and I will be here the whole way for support

    fuk wut u kno

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    I don't know what to say...I'm very sorry for your loss....hang in there Bro talk all you want to us here if it helps you get through this!

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    Very sorry for your loss. We're here to listen, please vent all that you need.

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    man i dont know what to say.... if you need me, to call me or whatever, im here man... this is just horrible on so many fronts... im here for you no matter what you need, you just let me know... i know being smothered is NOT ideal whatsoever but if you want me bro, im here any time... i dont care what the fuck im doing or whats going on... it makes no difference, you just let me know

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    Thanks for sharing with us. I will keep you, your brother and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

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    damn bro that really is hard to hear I am so sorry for your loss and I am here for you if you need to talk or whatever man wow what a shock

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    I don't know you bro but that's some of the worst news imaginable and I feel for you. I will say a prayer for your brother and family.
    One love.

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    I really appreciate the encouragement. I'm really hurting so bad right now. Thanks to all of you who have a heart. Thanks Dylan as well.

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    My deepest sympathies bro !

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