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Thread: much much mg of test to get to 900ng/dL?

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    much much mg of test to get to 900ng/dL?

    I have a question: What dose of TRT is recommended bump test levels from 250ng/dL to 850-900ng/dL? I imagine it is that not much because 900ng/dL is still considered to be within the normal range for a male, albeit on the higher end. 150-200mg per week of test would do the job?

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    thats something you need to discuss with your doctor man... not people on the internet

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    There's no way anyone is going to be able to answer that question for you since everyone responds differently. That is why when you get doctor prescribed TRT, follow up bloodwork is scheduled, and dosages are adjusted accordingly.

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    Blood work will determine

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    Doctor is the correct answer for sure. Blood work is a must. If you are talking TRT I believe it takes several months to get it dialed in. You want to figure it out correctly not just throw test at it and hope for the best. It’s your body. Give it some respect and treat it right!
    Not everyone reacts to test the same. I my self have to run a higher dose than some to get my numbers to move. Doctor says my body burns through it. (Not the technical terms). Doctor started low dose of 120. Continued to do blood every 30 days before increasing my dose. Took about 6 increases for me. Again everyone is different. Now he is doing blood every 90-120 days. Of course this is just my opinion. Good luck.

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    Everybody is different for me its 200mg. Some need less ti get that. Bloodwork is only way to know

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    Blood work is the only way to figure that out and everyone’s body takes test differntly like for me I k ow 125mg of Test a week puts me at the 1000 range and 300mg puts me at the 1400 range. All stuff ur doctor should know and the blood work will tell you.

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