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Thread: Most cost efficient Bulking SARM?

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    Most cost efficient Bulking SARM?

    Hey guys,
    Planning what to buy for next bulk cycle, was wondering GENERALLY SPEAKING what the most cost efficient bulking SARM is if you can only buy ONE 12 weeker. I.E best muscle to price ratio if that makes sense haha, assuming everything is on point of course.

    RAD is cheaper than LGD but not as potent
    S4 is modestly priced
    OSTA is 2 cycles for the price of one and LGD is just a beast, so what do you guys think?

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    If you can just run one, I'd say LGD

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    lgd will be the most cost effective for bulking...

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    LGD for sure if I had to pick one on cost versus benefit for bulking

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    Quote Originally Posted by RickRock View Post
    LGD for sure if I had to pick one on cost versus benefit for bulking
    absolutely... now, if you want the very most for your money on VERSATILITY, then mk2866 is the best option... you can get a good amount of size with it anyway... you wont get the same as with lgd but its going to have the capability of a good 7-8 lbs and some on the upward of 10 while lgd is generally 10 or a bit above on average... every pound is a big ass deal though... trust me... people think they gain 100 lbs. every cycle and thats not even close to the case... if you can add 5-10 lbs. ANYTIME, then thats a big fucking deal

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