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    Test Cyp

    Is 200mg/week of Test Cyp enough for a first cycle or is 300mg better?

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    I don't recommend shutting down natty Test with anything lower than 350mg of Test for a cycle.

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    ^ way too low dose, not worth shutting you down ....go for 350-400

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    200 is a bit low... 300-350 is just fine for a first cycle...

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    300-350 is where you want to be. You want to be over a 1000 test level on a cycle. Typically your gonna be about 4-7 times the amount of test you put in, 4x being on the lower side. It depends on how your body uses the Test. I know my body is usually 4-4.5x the amount of test I put in and I ran 300-350 on my last cycle putting me In the 1100 range.

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    There is no cookie cutter answer
    What's your overall cycle look like dude?

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    350mg is what I would recommend for a first cycle.

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    Yep 350 mg is a good start dose. Don't waste your time with 200mg. That's basically shutting yourself down to give your body an equivalent dose of test that most can produce naturally

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