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Thread: mk677 and insulin

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    mk677 and insulin

    Hi Guys,

    I see a lot of guys here recommending to use mk677 for atleast 6 months. On the other hand a lot of people say mk677 will get your insulin sensitivity down a bunch when using too long >3 months.


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    Nutrobal is not going to have near the effect where you would require insulin. You would not even require insulin on a moderate HGH dose.
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    theres several studies showing prolonged use... they are so easy to lookup and see for yourself... it also shows the bull shit people spew out there

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    if ran properly you won't have any of these issues, just like HGH you would have no issues either. it is those that ABUSE that get the insulin sensitivity issues.

    i recommend for your nutrobal and run it at the correct dose.

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