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Thread: MK677 and Epilepsy?

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    MK677 and Epilepsy?

    Hey ISarmS

    I have bought some Mk677 but im not sure im gonna take it.
    i have a mild form for epilepsy, do you think its "safe" to take it anyway?

    I'm medicated for the epilepsy. And i dont have any seizures currently

    "absence seizure epilepsy"

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    I can't see there being any interaction issues at all, but I'm not comfortable telling you any kind of guarantee whatsoever on that bro

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    thats not something i can say with certainty.. i "doubt" it but im not going to say its okay based on what i doubt as opposed to what i know

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    That means? you think i can do it?

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    i guess im not being clear... let me try ONE MORE TIME... i dont know for sure one way or another bro.. I dont think there would be an issue but I CANNOT SAY WITH CERTAINTY... i guess i dont know how much clearer i can be

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    Okay bro, i will try it out to night. And tell how i fell

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    thats completely up to you bro

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    Im running it right now. And damn im felling great! but my night sleep is crap when i take it before bed time

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    if thats the case then take it in the morning

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    i think i will do that. I take like 30MG so im also take a high dose right?

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