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Thread: MK667/GW Cycle

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    Quote Originally Posted by bcoops View Post
    For me the hunger was intense for a week, second week simmered down, by week 3 things were pretty much normal. Sleep feels great by end of month.
    yeah the hunger thing is a killer but you get used to it

    remember it is increasing ghrelin in the body

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    I cant say I ever had hunger issues with it but then again I'm always hungry lol

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    Update. Down about 1-2 lbs from my starting weight so about 2 1/2 weeks in looks like things are starting to balance out and bloating is going away. I added in berberine and dandelion root which i think definitely helped combat this. Sleep is great. Hunger is there, as in I don't ever have massive cravings or starving but if food was in front of me I feel like i could always eat and never full.

    Workouts are long and just keep going. Did a lift, crossfit class, and 5k in the same day last weekend and still felt great the next day. Excited to see how this goes as things progress.

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    awesome man, i told you it would stop and come off... mk677 is so good for cutting but people are generally not patient enough with it...

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    Hunger is caused by the increase in blood glucose levels. This varies in individuals that's why some experience hunger more than others.

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    Great to hear. It is nice once things start to level off. Especially the bloat and hunger.
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