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Thread: MK 677 + occasional junkfood

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    MK 677 + occasional junkfood

    Hello, i'm pretty new on this site so sorry in advance if i didn't post this thread in the correct way!

    I was wondering if it's okay to eat a pizza occasionally on MK-677? Because i don't want to bloat and I normally eat very clean with food that are rich of potassium etc but sometimes i just crave a pizza!


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    With all of the sodium in Pizza its definitely not a good idea.

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    LOL you can do and eat whatever you want but clearly eating pizza does not fit in to a good diet and ped use... you get out it what you put in and diet is everything

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    My ex gf didnít pay attention to my warning of the appetite and she blew the fuck up. Be careful

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    Alright, noted!

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    If you do just mind youíre getting a lot of potassium as well.

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    1 followup question if you don't mind.. Is one morning coffee bad while running MK-677? That's legit the only thing i could not find any info about if caffeinated drinks are okay / have any bad impact while on MK-677.

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    the coffee is fine

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