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Thread: MK-2866 Alpha Laboratories

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    MK-2866 Alpha Laboratories

    Hi Guys,

    I came across this ostarine from Alpha Labs.... Cannot find any proper info about this brand... have any one of you heard about them? (I live in Malaysia and I'm afraid it is some local non genuine shit)osta.jpg

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    good lord get rid of that shit!! please do not take that man... sarmsx will ship to you man... you can get the very best with no problem!

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    No way I'd touch that shit bro

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    Quote Originally Posted by RickRock View Post
    No way I'd touch that shit bro
    Hi Bro, thanks for the reply. Yeah, will stay away from this.

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    its probably a prohormone ( one of the old ones that gives some benefit with LOTS of sides)

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