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Thread: Mixing mk677 and hgh

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    Mixing mk677 and hgh

    Hi im starting a 6 month cycle of 4ius of HGH per day, 6 days on 1 day off soon, also thinking of stacking 20mg of mk-677 on top each day, would you avoid mixing both?

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    You can stack them it's not a problem.

    Post your full stats and goals. Are you running any other PED's?


    Cycle history

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    you definitely can mix both, absolutely... they are very very synergistic together and make a great combination..

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    Why is body fat such an important stat for HGH? Iím so confused by that. I could see asking for your glucose levels, but why specifically body fat.

    I understand the obvious, and I would say most people want to be under 15% body fat, easier said then done for some, but itís what most people want, right.

    I read so many articles on how Mast is a waste of money unless youíre under 10% body fat, and I totally disagree. Iím 6í2Ē, 275lbs and definitely over 20% body fat, went on Mast and I had incredible results, losing significant amount of fat and added lean muscle. Why would someone say itís a waste of money? Maybe to someone competing, but the 99.9% of the world doesnít have any desire to compete in some body building competition, but in the game of life, when weíre all trying to be the best version of ourselves, Iím trying to understand the relevance of that question.

    Please explain so I have a greater understanding.

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    What dose of Mast did you run?

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    I peaked at 400 per week, but the majority of the time I was at 300, plus 250 of Test E and 50mg of Var, and I was doing 25mg Proviron EOD.

    I got incredible results, and seriously never felt better. Unfortunately I started losing my hair at a rapid pace at 45 yrs old and Iíve never had a problem in the past by using Finestride and thatís my fault for using much as much DHT based product at once. Iíve never had gyno or high estrogen levels, but itís funny how life works. You find the stuff that gives you the best results and I took every precaution, but Iím still looking at this w a glass half full approach. Iím starting up w PRP injections next week and now have switched over to 250 Deca & 250 Test and cut all the DHT derivatives out and itís a completely different feel. Unfortunately the shedding hasnít subsided and itís been about 5 weeks, so Iím sure I threw my hormones out of wack, but Iím taking all the steps I know how to.

    Iím always open to any advice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy_Capuzzo View Post
    Please explain so I have a greater understanding.
    Everyone here is required to post stats when requesting information about PED's unless you're a senior member and we know your fitness level. It's nothing personal aimed at you or anyone in particular but giving PED advice to someone we know nothing about is not very smart.

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    mast is a muscle hardener... thats what its main use and purpose is... mast did not help you lose fat... your diet and training did that... mast is a COSMETIC... if you are 20% body fat, you are not getting ANYTHING cosmetic about it... i have said a million times it has other benefits and anyone can use it... the point is you dont get the main aspect out of it at a higher body fat, which is the purpose of polishing and hardening...

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