Hi guys, my bloodwork shows my total wbc count as 3.5, only thing highlighted was my neutrophil level was 1.9. I am currently taking the above sarms.

Few questions,

How deep into my cycle am i meant to take my second blood work?

Has anyone seen changes in wbc count from the above sarms/compounds? If so how have they been affected?

Should i even be on sarms right now? I had my wbc blood test last year which showed similar results as the above except my wbc count was 3.9. Doc told me not to worry. Only thing that has changed that i can see is that my monocytes dropped from 0.4 to 0.2. Second test was done from an online blood work prescriber.

Any info would be appreciated, i went to the gp they just wanted me to take another blood test and i was a bit hesitant to tell him about me taking sarms. Im on day 6 right now.