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Thread: Metabolic disorder on women with PCOS.

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    Metabolic disorder on women with PCOS.

    Have you guys found the best advice for women suffering from a metabolic disorder that no diet and amount of exercise can help to reduce body fat.
    Was thinking of low dosage of HGH.

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    Quite honesty, a metabolic disorder should be left to the doctor to reccomend treatments for.

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    Metformin is the treatment suggested by the specialists.
    And in reality it doesn't do jack

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    Hgh? That would not be the answer at all. Sr9009 was designed to help treat metabolic disorder. Cardarine also has a string benefit when it comes to helping metabolism. You can get both at

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    Metabolic disorder on women with PCOS.

    My wife has PCOS. She was prescribed metformin and NP Thyroid, because those are often needed. She was tired and gaining weight. The thyroid meds helped a lot. Maybe get that part checked out, along with progesterone.

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    Check your thyroid and progesterone.

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    Women need a little more free T3 than men (per the index). The reference range used in labs are for men only, but they often use it for the adult population.

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