As many know and some may not, having a regular merchant that accepts credit cards is next to impossible with SARMS and any other PED... Between the banks themselves wanting nothing to do with it and competitors trying to take them down, along with customers that attempt to get free items with charge backs etc. its next to impossible. We have done our best to provide this option but it is a never ending cycle of ups and downs that will never actually stick. We have upgraded our payment options to ensure that everyone has a multitude of ways to make their payments. Here is our current payment options




Apple Pay


International Wire

We may add Venmo as a payment option as well.

MESH is the closest thing to regular credit card processing that one can have and is now widely used in this industry as well as many other that are considered "high risk" by merchants. It is becoming the new way to pay. I wanted to provide everyone with the right education as it is very easy to use! Here are some links to read and we are also asking Dylan to possibly make a video on this if he has the extra time. Here is some basic info to help you understand it and as you can see, it is extremely effective and efficient.

If you have any other questions, feel free to let us know!