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Thread: MENT vs Tren Cbbram

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    MENT vs Tren Cbbram

    Ok so generally when I do a MENT (Trestolone Acetate) cycle it's a 4-6 week cycle... I've done 3. I'm completing my first Trenbolone Ace cycle right now (6 weeks) so I can give a fair comparison. Feel free to ask any questions. I might not remember everything right away so I'll keep adding to the thread as we go along. Remember on paper MENT is a stronger compound than Tren. I found this to be the case also but not in all areas.

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    Winner - - - - MENT

    Libido was insane on MENT. Test does not have to be run high to counter any sides. In fact Test is not even needed at all. Just some Masteron or Proviron for DHT. With Tren Test is most definitely required as well as Caber.

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    Winner - - - - Tren

    I know this can vary from lab to lab but some days the PIP from MENT was borderline crippling. With Tren I did not have any significant PIP. Although I will add when running Tren I was using a TDT blend.

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    Winner - - - - - MENT

    I was way more aggressive on MENT than Tren. Don't get me wrong Tren got me agitated but I could easily see myself getting arrested on MENT if I'm not super conscious about it.

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    Winner - - - - Tren

    I felt stronger on Tren. Don't get me wrong MENT can hold its own with strength but with Tren I felt like I could work out forever and lift a house.

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    Winner - - - - Tren

    I just prefer the look it gave my physique. I put on more size with MENT but I like the way Tren makes me look better.

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    Feel free to ask any questions. I'll add more later as I think of it.

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    Sounds like Tren wins then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 44YOGearHead View Post
    Sounds like Tren wins then.
    The one thing I dislike most about Tren is it did fuck with my libido. If I wouldn't have added Caber I would have been a limp noodle. Actually I was to be honest before adding Caber.
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    So I'm gonna be more of an asshole on MENT than tren? This is not good...

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