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20mg/tab 50 Tabs/bag - EP - USA

Cialis is very similar to Viagra, although its active life is several times longer than that of Viagra making it the more suitable candidate for long stretches of sexual activity or when sexual contact cannot be planned in advance.
One dose will provide you with a weekend of fun over and over again.

VIAGRA 100 -
100mg/tab 50 Tabs/bag - Eadvance.

The original drug used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, Viagra is still considered the gold standard by which all other ED drugs are judged. While the implications of improved sexual performance are obvious and require no further clarification, the performance aspects of this drug are often misunderstood. When administered prior to training, Viagra improves performance by increasing blood flow to working muscles, which in turn amplifies multiple mechanisms related to the growth process, such as increased nutrient and oxygen delivery, increase exercise capacity, and an improved muscle pump. Despite these benefits, Viagra continues to be used almost exclusively for ED. For many BB?rs, especially those who experience sexual side effects from drugs like Nandrolone/Trenbolone, Viagra is a God-send, as it can often help overcome the sexual dysfunction caused by these drugs.

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