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Thread: Melanotan II

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    Melanotan II

    recently discovered it . a lot of contradictions on this . some say it kill people slowly ... some say it gives skin cancer others say it's perfectly safe and protects against UV radiations. is it safe to use or nah? i'm a white guy who hates sunburns but also hate my skin color

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    doesn't sound too bad .. gonna give it a shot thanks for video

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    Melanotan II

    I’m personally not a fan and wouldn’t use it, but each’s own brother.

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    no problem.. i know i wont ever use it again

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    I’m white. And I used to be super tan from my running days and being an outdoor lover. Add an 8-5 and that all went away.
    I used it and it made my freckles super dark. I even had a few coworkers ask me why my face was dirty lol.
    I would run it again. Just on a super low dose.

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