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Thread: massive swellling and pain on g.i provi??

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    massive swellling and pain on g.i provi??

    ok i ordered a bunch from pharma lady honestly had no problems with any of it or pain or anything other then wondering if it was legit kinda didnt feel as beasty as on previous cycles from other sources but couldnt be sure without running labs so idk ?? ..anyways read up on provi and its ability to increase the potency of any cycle u are on as well as decreasing estrogen bloat and increasing free test and sex drive ..i will say this of all these once i added provi they definately happened i lost bloat i got lean noticed by everyone else too...but the probelm was the shots everyday and the following knots pain and stuff after with EVERY SHOT 2 of which were pretty bad my glute got hard swollen and painful and the worse was my quad i did a shot there and it dramatically swelled to the point i had to take off work knotted up got red hot and EXTREMELY PAINFUL! still dealing with the back end of it healing now still a lil sore and hard getting in n out the car etc etc ..not bashing g.i just curious is this normal have others dealt with this is there ways to do it better or avoid the excessive pain and swelling what can i do so far i decided to drop the provi out all together but its unfortunate cuz i like the results just not the pain any one else experience this or have suggestions ??

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    You're injecting proviron?
    I don't understand why anyone would go that route. It's so mild there's no reason not to use orals. The bioavailability may be slightly higher with an oil, but still not worth the hassle in my opinion.

    Worst case scenario you can just drink the injectable instead of actually injecting it.

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    really had no idea that was a option ifso id be in for that rather then injections never had so much pain with anything in all my years and cycles as i have with provi and yeah i see the opinions are mixed some feel its so mild that its not nesscary others feel its great for bloat keeping sex drive up and increasing the potentcy of whatever cycle you are presently on as well as free test i never have before so wanted to give it a go i will say sex drive wayy up test too...not to be too vulgar to on most cycles the boys tend to shrink a lil and when i well you know.... its not much at all but provi for some reason has brought that level back up to where when i do its almost as much as normal...she seems to like that as much as i do ! lol...all in all for rsults i love it just wanna get around the pain but if i can just drink the oil ill do that and in the future maybe opt for oral provi then injectable cuz DAMN ! i can tolerate pain im covered in tattoos and never go to the doctor i endure it and it goes away but this time i was close to checking in i was lucky enough to have a friend/dentist give me a rx for antibiotics and high dosage ibuprofen so that helped ! but im glad u say i can just drink it my wife has winstrol injectable that she opted to drink ed rather then inject but u can see it in there and its a water based deal so wasnt even thinking i could with oil based as well ..thanks

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    im confused as to why you are injecting proviron... ive never seen anyone ever even try that... i use proviron in everything i do and it is extremely effective but i would not inject it if you paid me... it makes no sense... its not c17 alpha alkylated anyway so its not even methylated so i dont even understand what the point would be?

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    not sure all i know is its sold and i bought it in injectable form so being i never used it b4 and didnt know the details and receiving it in a vial in injectable form as all the others say on them i injected daily but i would have preferred to take it orally after this experience and learn ! all i know is to suggest no one else ever inject it daily its too many injections for one even moving around from glute to quad to arms its painful getting back around to a old spot yeah u can definately expect me to be taking it orally now even if it is in injectable form should i stick to 50mg a day of it or up to 100 since im sure i lose potency taking orally ?

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    next time ask bro.... i would have told you to avoid that for sure... you are not going to lose potency taking it orally man... 50 mg is plenty if you have quality

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    ok great thanks and will do! definately learned my lesson so when adding anything new i will definately ask you and everyone here for suggestions dosages and opinions on whether to go orally or inject thanks bro ill just switch over to dosing it orally ! my body will be happy these shots have been killing my leg days and setting me back ! like u said i love it and the results ! big time ! definately worth adding in in my opinion and now without the pain ill love it even more thanks again !

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    anytime bro... theres a reason i use proviron in every cycle i run and even on trt... you will be just fine bro

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    perfect thanks makes me feel good to know its your go to too so i definately made a good choice trying this ! thanks brother! now that ill be doing orally ill definately keep it as a part of my cycles too also ive read it is used for pct or can be ? opinion on that ?

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    That's the cool thing about proviron, you can use it anytime even in pct should you choose.
    I don't even consider proviron to be a "steroid" as it's so mild. It's really just a cycle booster the way I look at it.
    The only thing you might want to watch is hairloss while using it. It's a very mild DHT, but it's still a DHT nonetheless. If you're prone to mpb then be aware.

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