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Thread: low dose tren and cyp

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    highly recommend domestic supply primo. it is top notch
    Ordered Biotech deca and primo

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    Well at my age I think I want more size then strength and good quality size. I?m going to do more quality lifting instead of just trying to out lift everyone. I think that kind of lifting hindered me in the past. It was more a ego thing where now it?s more a just look and feel good thing. I use to do crazy high doses like 1000mg test plus 750 of deca etc... all together in the past I would be on a total of 2000mg to 2500mg of gear a week. Now I?m trying to just keep it to 750mg to a 1000mg tops. Lol to some that might still seem high and then to others low lol.

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    I thing age, muscle maturity and cutting back is key for some, works well for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by RUCingdsgainz View Post
    Im only 31 but have had my bad experience with Tren which is why I don?t touch the stuff after that. I am all about low dose cycles and try to preach it as much as I can even when getting laughed at by the juice heads lol. Less is def more IMO
    LOL yeh go big or go home

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