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Thread: low dose tren and cyp

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    not this low and im am not trt. I did tren at 300 mg a week and the sides for me were crazy same as 500mg of test. anxiety, no sleep and crazy mood swings. made alot of enemies. Also heart issues which is as much as I will discuss about that

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    Great to see someone being responsible with tren! Glad to see you are still getting great results from your efforts and a mild cycle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WellYouNeednt View Post
    Have you done this type of cycle before?
    First time trying Primo.

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    Give low dosing a try first, never did primo which is super mild unlike tren. I think I am a over responder with that stuff and is why my sides were terrible. I think alot of guys are hitting it way to hard before there ready (just my opinion) never touched the stuff till I was 50 and lean enough
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    see guys get real big fast and then stop lifting after they quit because they can't handle the strength loss and then end up going back to were they started. then they start it all over again

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    A big focus for me and i am sure it is obvious, is wanting to avoid the sides. Also, i am not sure how i will respond to the additional compounds so i want to start on the low end.

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    I think this subject is a good read.
    I really enjoy hearing what other are doing. It?s nice to hear the long term results. A lot of times we only hear how it?s going on cycle. I prefer to hear that then hear long term results. Just like dieting. Only hear about results when good during. Only few talk about their yo yo experience.
    It great to hear y?all talk about this. Keep us all informed. Thanks for taking the time to type it and tell us.

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    Im only 31 but have had my bad experience with Tren which is why I don?t touch the stuff after that. I am all about low dose cycles and try to preach it as much as I can even when getting laughed at by the juice heads lol. Less is def more IMO

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    Quote Originally Posted by theoldcountry View Post
    First time trying Primo.
    highly recommend domestic supply primo. it is top notch

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    Nice to hear about the positive and negative, great learning experience. No one wants to talk about the bad stuff

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