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Thread: low dose cycle

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    low dose cycle

    gonna keep this as short as possible while typing with one hand:

    21yrs, 6"3, 200 lbs, 14%BF, 6x a week of 1-2 hrs of training, i love doing push-pull-legs/abs

    currently have a broken wrist from a car accident (old guys fault) which means legs only for 3 months

    im already great size for being 3 years natty, im surprised there have been a couple people who asked me if i “took shit”

    only thing is i dont want to lose that much size, from the injury, just because of some dumbfuck who cant drive, also dont have the same goal as most trt users, i dont want INSANE results, i dont ever see myself takiog medium to high doses, its not worth it to me i don’t even wanna look like I’m on gear, i just want to do a low dose for 10-12 weeks, or however try to keep the gains as much as i can after I come off and whatever I lose I’ll gain back. not doing it any time soon, when my wrist is fuly healed

    just want to bring down my fat, and to make my legs way stronger, no tren.
    main reasons i wanna do an intelligent cycle
    -car wreck makes me lose my beloved gains
    -i have thought about injecting for a long time
    -i wont abuse it, just want to do 1 cycle

    gonna do injectables, which compounds are least toxic? When I say low dose I’m talking like 250 mg a week, not even close to what other people normally take. I would even go as far as to see a doctor and have him prescribe it so I can get it legally.
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    noone here is going to advise a 21 year old to use steroids bro... thats not what we do here.. there are places that dont give a shit about their members that may do that but thats not how we do things..

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    I suggest looking into sarms. You are too young for steroids at this point bro

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    I never understand when someone wants to run gear, but not look like they are on gear. Then don’t run gear.

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    Stay clear of any gear bro, you are wayyyyyy too young and your natural test level is still sky high..You'll get your size back quickly when you can train again..Start playing with the sauce now and you'll be on it forever, probably in the form of trt down the road..Look up steroid induced hypogonadism and you'll see what l mean..Good luck and keep training hard and eating..You'll look great!!

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    I don't recommend shutting down natty test for 250mg especially if you're 21 years old. Doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

    No doctor in their right mind will prescribe Test to you so I'm not sure why you think they would.

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