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Thread: Losing my shit on halo

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    Losing my shit on halo

    Not been here for a while haha

    So I'm about two and a half into my cutting cycle of

    500mg test e
    75mg tren eod
    and 40mg of halo
    I was off using caber, exemestane and a liversupport

    Anyone else losing there shit on halo and getting angry over nothing? I stopped using halo because I was afraid I would hurt someone. Like I'm normally a chill person, but I could not recognize myself. Even my girlfriend said there was someting different about me.

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    Bruh ... Halo is one of the worst (that and Cheque Drops) for aggression ... I've got friends that use that stuff as they are into MMA.

    No way, no how would I use it ... I already can have a bit of a temper ... no point in pouring gasoline onto fire.

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    bro 40 mg of halo is A LOT ...i would use 20 or 30 MAX and on top of that you also have tren in there? you could be arrested if properly provoked

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    i would lower the test dose to ~300-350 and add some masteron or winny(or both) if you want a proper cutting cycle

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    why on the planet earth are you using halo with tren????? also, beyond that, 40 fucking mg of halo? you should be running 10 or 20 and even beyond that, WHY are you even using it??

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    I don't have any experience with Halo so I'm not here to judge but I've thought about doing 10 mg as a pre-workout occasionally. Still haven't grown a big enough set of balls to do it. I've run plenty of Tren cycles though. I've learned to control the aggression over time.

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    Halo and tren, sheesh. Interested to see liver values after that cycle

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    There is no cookie cutter answer
    Is anyone else getting angry over nothing? Yea, everyone who uses Halo.

    Did you not do research on the compound before you started taking it?

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    I've run halo up to 30mg for about 10d and felt nothing at all. Maybe duration is an issue. I ran it when I still had some long tren esters in my body, bout 3 weeks after ending Tren Hex, and it didn't seem to do anything to me mentally.

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    Duration and also underdosed for sure , halo is probably the hardest steroid to find legitimate source for , it's very expensive to make and very often faked

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