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Thread: Looking to do first cycle

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    Looking to do first cycle

    I'm 47 5'6" 220lb. Use to be on really good shape till 35 started to gain weight then age 42 had a back injury that made me gain weight in fat I can not shake off. I been looking at sutenon 350 12 week cycle to help kick start things again. Give me the drive back gain muscle and shead the fat. Basically help me get back in shape then keep working out after I'm done to keep in shape. Just wanting to know everything I would need from start to finish so I can gather it all up before I start it. Most forums I read was old ones as I know things might have changed for the better by now. Thanks in helping a fat ass to get back the young hard body he once had. Age is a B. Lol

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    Hey I think stenabolic would be good for u. this thing is a crazy fat burner. and will help u to make some muscles either. I ve been doing some kinda alike things like lgd and s4 but they r more for muscle gaining. I got my stuff from and they seem to have some good products. at least whatever I got from them is good. Good luck man!!

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    That's what I was thinking also. Just right now my head is spinning with so many products out there I'm having a hard time putting it all together. I know I decided the 350 or 250 whitch ever I can get. But what else to get and how and when to use? chlomidr aromosin I'm reading on now. There is so much wrong info and scam products out there. Wanting a good clean first run. Not a nightmare. So any help on what to all put together from start to post cycle.would be helpful for a good cycle.

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    IGF-1 LR3: 2x25 mcg shot EOD over 40 days
    CJC 1295 w DAC â?? 2mg per week; 1mg Tuesday and 1mg Friday
    HGH Frag 176-191 at 250-500mcg per day over approx. 10 weeks.

    should be good brah

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    I'm talking about Sustanon 350 or 250 Being used. That is what I can get my hands on right now.

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    ohhhhh I ve read about it... they say that Sustanon got a lot of side effects which u not gonna like ...... look it up man

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    and this product is not to lose weight its to gain muscle weight

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    You gotta put in your stats, experience and goals for advice man.

    Also, steroids are not fat burners. If you’re anything above 12-13% body fat you really shouldn’t be messing with gear.
    Yes sarms would be a great option for you to get you down enough to eventually take a cycle.

    I’ve never heard of the source the other guy spoke about for the sarms but i would be very careful with it. There’s trusted sources on this site and i first hand can attest that the ones provided on this site are exceptional and the best i have ever tried

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    steroids are not fat burners and not used to lose weight or magically get you into shape... if you are overweight, the LAST thing you should even be thinking about or considering is steroid use... what is your body fat?

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    If you are 220 at 5'6", your bodyfat is definiteky way too high fir steroid use.

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