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Thread: Liver Blood Work

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    Liver Blood Work

    After doing some research, it seems Clomid, and tamoxifen can effect liver counts of alkaline phosphatase. My blood work currently shows:
    202- alk p
    Ast- 26
    Alt- 47

    This was taken at the end of pct. I was only on 200mg of test. No orals. My prior blood work 4 months showed

    Alk p- 165
    Ast- 22
    Alt- 30

    Anyone have similar results, or know more into this?
    Could be another issue all together. I'm just curious to see feedback from what you all know. Thanks.

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    Yes there are several factors that can effect alt and ast results. One of the most significant is the use of orals without protection so it depends what your cycle was prior to pct. another factor that can after your liver enzymes is weight training, here is an interesting article to read.

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