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Thread: Liquid pct assistance

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    Liquid pct assistance

    I just received my pct.
    Ostabolic 50mg/ml
    LiquiNol 40mg/ml
    LiquiClo 50mg/ml
    I normally dont use liquids so I was unsure if I mixed it with water and down it, or if I just pour out the amount I need in the vial and just put it on my tounge.

    Any additional tips and advice for using liquids would be greatly appreciated.

    Again I usually dont use liquids but I needed my pct and this was a trusted source so I had to improvise. Thanks in advance guys.

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    Sorry just figured it out lol dumb question on my part

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    you just take it straight down the hatch... no mixing, no pouring out etc... there are no other tips... you can use grapefruit juice as a chaser which helps with absorption

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    Good luck with liquiclo... I've taken plenty of sarms and liquid pct products and I never hated anything as much as the liquiclo. Blahhhhhh!!!

    I'm guessing that probably doesn't help much... you'll get through it though.

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